The United States has sharply increased the cost of visas to study in the United States

The announcement issued by the US Department of Homeland Security on the 22nd local time shows that from June 24 this year, the fees paid by international students, exchange scholars participating in the US Student and Exchange Scholars Program (SEVP) will rise sharply. According to the latest regulations issued by the US Department of Homeland […]


Math Tuition – 10 Methods to Make Learning Math More Enjoyable

10 methods to making math more enjoyable, is essential to young children the way it may also be very difficult to allow them to maintain their attention centered on one factor for any lengthy time period. For youthful children among the best ways would be to either purchase math flash cards or make sure they […]


Tips to Plan Your College Reunion in an Interesting Way

Are you planning for a college reunion?  If ‘yes’ then here are some tips for you. Start Early: Start planning for your college reunion at least 12 to 20 months before the fixed date. Meet at least 10 to 15 former enthusiastic classmates to discuss about your college reunion in advance. Divide the entire work […]


What Is There to Know About School Uniforms?

In many schools, a uniform is required. School uniforms can reduce the hassle of choosing what to wear in the mornings. They are often cheaper than keeping up with the current fashion trends as well. Whether it’s just school colours or a specific dress code, a school uniform can be as simple or complex as […]

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How to save cash on Higher Education and obtain Free Tuition?

For those who have look at this book by Robert Kiyosaki, “Wealthy father, Poor Father”, you’ll understand that obtaining a higher education, securing a 9-5 job after which climbing the organization ladder isn’t the best way to obtain wealthy. However, this does not mean higher education gets cheaper, simply because the corporate jungle is not […]


About to Enter Further Education? Clearing Advice for 2018

If you have just finished your A-Levels, you’ll no doubt be focused on university entrance, and unless you have the required grades and have already been accepted by your chosen university, you will have to negotiate this year’s clearing process. Clearing gives universities the opportunity to fill the empty classroom seats and students who have […]


Chapter Preview for Economics Tuition Students

In this article, we will provide excerpts of Economics tutor Mr Koh’s specific chapter previews for microeconomics. The main idea behind this is to help students of economics tuition to understand the topic and the scope of each topic as well as skills that are required. Demand and Supply This topic is divided into two […]


Why Choose Home Tuition Or Group Tutoring?

If you have read among the other articles, Tuition Centres versus. Home Tutoring, then you will know about the numerous advantages that home tutoring has over tuition centres. Among the finest advantages is, obviously, the number of teachers to students. With tuition centres, you could have one lone teacher instructing a large number of students. […]